A carpet of Linanthus dianthaflorus indicates a drying vernal pool on the prairie in a 1938 W.D. Pierce photograph. Fifteen vernal pool indicator species (Zedler 1987) were found on the prairie, including Orcuttia californica, Phalaris lemmonii, Elatine brachysperma, Epilobium pygmaeum, Psilocarphus brevissimus and Navarettia prostrata. Descriptions of collection locations on voucher specimens indicate "Desiccated pools in the coastal district of Los Angeles," "Exsiccated places" in Inglewood, and "On margin of vernal pool; near junction of Sepulveda Blvd. and W. Railroad, Manhattan Beach vicinity" (RSA Herbarium). One highly degraded vernal pool persists in Lomita, but is threatened by residential development. It harbored populations of western spadefooted toads and fairy shrimp as recently as 1995.